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1. Who should place an aircraft on the Mauritius Civil Aircraft Register?
Any banks, financial institutions, aircraft manufacturers, leasing companies, owner, operator, lessor and lessee/sub-lessee.

2. What aircraft types are accepted by the Department of Civil Aviation of Mauritius (DCAM)?
DCAM accepts all aircraft with Type Certificates from major Airworthiness Authorities (CAA, FAA, French DGAC, JAA etc).

3. Are there any DCAM requirements concerning the age of the aircraft for acceptance on the register?
There are no established requirements concerning the age of the aircraft for acceptance on the register. However, DCAM will evaluate aircraft over 20 years old on a case by case basis.

4. Can an aircraft be placed on the Mauritius Civil Aircraft Register even if the interested party is not a Mauritian Resident?
Yes, but the transaction has to be structured appropriately through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) incorporated under Mauritian jurisdiction.

5. How long does it take to incorporate an SPV in Mauritius?
There are two types of SPVs, an Ordinary Company (OC) and International Company (IC). The OC will take around 15 days and the IC around 2 days provided that all the required information and documents are available on application.

6. How long does it take to place an aircraft on the register?
Within one month of formal application and subject to the findings of DCAM survey.

7. What are the surveys required by DCAM?
The aircraft and its records, the Maintenance Organisation responsible for the maintenance and engineering of the aircraft and operator (facilities, organisation, procedures).

8. Does the aircraft need to be in Mauritius for the survey?
No, an aircraft can be surveyed anywhere in the world. However, it is recommended that the aircraft and its records be surveyed at the Maintenance Organisation responsible for its maintenance and engineering where records are kept.

9. At what frequencies are these surveys performed?
These surveys are generally performed on a yearly basis for the renewal of the Certificate of Airworthiness.

10. Can a pilot fly a Mauritius Registered aircraft with a foreign licence?
DCAM will validate foreign flight crew licences subject to such licences being issued according to ICAO standards. These licences together with their medical must be current and must include the appropriate type rating.

11. How long does it take to obtain a licence validation?
Around 24 hrs if all the requirements of DCAM are met.

12. Does DCAM perform an audit on the pilots in flight?
As and when possible and subject to an agreement between the two authorities, DCAM will delegate such duties to the Authority issuing the AOC under article 83bis of the ICAO convention. As such all flight operations surveillance are delegated to this authority.

13. Does Mauritius have its own regulations?
Yes, Mauritius has its own Civil Aviation Regulations, which originates from the UKCAA Regulations.

14. Can a mortgage be registered in Mauritius?
Yes, there is a mortgage register in Mauritius.

15. What are the protocols or conventions signed by Mauritius?
Mauritius has signed the Chicago, Geneva, Hague, Montreal and Tokyo conventions as well as the New-York convention.

16. Is there any Government fees for registration of an aircraft in Mauritius?
There is currently no applicable schedule of fees for issuance of a Certificate of Registration or a Certificate of Airworthiness.